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About us

About us


We are able to assist you to get a work visa including the E-2 visa, Green Card through employment or through marriage and citizenship. We can also handle your case if you have past immigration violations (such as working illegally in the US and overstay) or any criminal issues.

Work Visas including E-2 Visas

A work visa allows you to live and work in the US for a specific company for a couple of years. The period of time allowed depends on the visa type. For example, an Israeli E-2 application would be issued for two years and is eligible for renewal. Your spouse and minor children are also eligible for visas as dependents. This allows you to set up and run a successful business in the US and enjoy the amazing potential for growth of your business.

Green Cards and Citizenship

A Green Card is essentially a residency permit which is issued to you for 10 years. The application can be made by your employer or by a family member. Often this application is made by a US citizen spouse. A Green Card takes you one step closer to becoming a US citizen.
Citizenship can be applied for by a Green Card holder as well as for children of US citizens. We can help you identify if you are already eligible to make this application. We also assist with the process of giving up your Green Card or citizenship if you’ve moved away from US.

Immigration Violation and Criminal Background

If you have a previous immigration violation, we can assist you in finding the best path moving forward. Even if the violation is not recorded anywhere, it’s important to know how to apply for future visas and what to expect at the border. We can also help you if you have any criminal background such as traffic violations, drug offenses, any arrests or indictments against you, army violations, white collar crime etc.
It’s important to us to understand you and work in the most comfortable way for you. Therefore, we offer services in the following languages: English, Hebrew, Russian, Ukrainian, German, Dutch, French, and Spanish.
You can meet us in our Tel Aviv or Jerusalem offices as well as on zoom.

Why work with us?


 We are US and Israeli lawyers that have a deep understanding of both cultures and therefore, can streamline your process with the US immigration authorities.


We handle your case from start to finish – from the initial consultation until your application is approved.


We believe in being transparent and efficient, updating you at every stage.


There is no set amount, as this figure depends on the field of the business. It needs to be a substantial enough sum to get your US business up and running.

The two main ways to issue a Green Card is through your employer and through a close family member filing for you. Generally the family member will be your parent, spouse or child.

Having a visa denial makes it harder to submit an application in the future, but many of our clients successfully received visas and Green Cards even though they were denied in the past.

Normally it is a matter of months. This greatly depends on whether you have all the documents needed ready and the processing times of the relevant authorities (such as USCIS and the US Embassy).

Yes; they can also apply for dependent visas and your spouse can even get a work permit for the duration of your work visa.