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Live in America to Collect Social Security: An Overview


Living in America to collect social security can be a complex process, particularly for non-citizens. This blog post aims to demystify the procedures and requirements associated with this critical aspect of retirement planning.

We’ll guide you through the online application process, explain how to obtain a Social Security number as a noncitizen, and delve into the impact citizenship has on collecting Social Security abroad. Additionally, we will discuss specific rules for non-US citizens regarding Social Security collection.

In particular, we highlight Israel’s exceptional status concerning social security payments and other countries with similar exceptions. Finally, we explore how immigration law firms play an integral role in facilitating benefit receipt for those who choose to live in America to collect social security.

Table of Contents:

Applying for American Social Security Payments

Depending on your citizenship, the application process for US social security benefits can be done in various ways, including online, by phone or at a local office. US citizens may apply for social security benefits online, over the phone, or in person at a local office.

Online Application Process

The online application process is convenient and straightforward. It allows applicants to complete their forms from anywhere, making it an excellent option for those living abroad or unable to visit a local office.

Live in America to Collect Social Security: An Overview

Obtaining Social Security Number as a Noncitizen

If you’re not a US national, the initial move to secure social security payments is securing an approved work authorization in America. This will allow you to get your own Social Security number (SSN). After acquiring this SSN, non-citizens must prove their identity and immigration status before they can start collecting benefits.

Citizenship and Its Impact on Collecting Social Security Abroad

Your ability to collect social security payments while living outside America largely depends on your citizenship. As an American citizen, you can receive these benefits abroad provided all other eligibility requirements are met.

Criteria for Receiving Benefits Abroad as an American Citizen

To qualify for social security benefits abroad, U..citizens must have worked long enough under the system or be a dependent of someone who has. They also need to satisfy specific requirements related to their age, disability status, or family situation. The exact rules vary depending on whether they are applying for retirement, disability, or survivor’s benefits.

The process might seem daunting, but with the right guidance from experts like those at Decker Pex Immigration Law Firm, it becomes much easier. We help ensure accurate completion of necessary documents, leading to the timely receipt of your deserved social security benefits.

Rules for Non-US Citizens Regarding Social Security Collection

If you’re not from the US, collecting social security gets trickier after six months abroad when payments usually stop. But hey, exceptions exist. They depend on your home country or if you stay in the US for a full month.

Exceptions Based On Home Country

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has agreements with certain countries. These agreements let their citizens keep getting benefits even if they live abroad. Check if your home country is on the list before you pack your bags.

Requirement Of Continuous Residence In The U.S

Non-US citizens can restart their social security payments by staying in the United States for a whole month. So, if you’re a frequent flyer between two countries, this info is gold. Here is a helpful guide from the SSA with all the requirements. Click to Tweet

Israel’s Unique Social Security Advantage

Fantastic news for Israeli citizens living in the US. Israel is one of the lucky 29 countries where you can keep getting those social security payments, no matter how far you roam. This special treatment is all thanks to agreements between the U.S. and these countries.Live in America to Collect Social Security: An Overview

Other Countries with the Same Perk

Israel isn’t the only one enjoying this exceptional status. Other countries, such as Germany, Greece, Ireland and Italy are also benefiting from this same exceptional status. For a complete rundown and more juicy details, check out the Social Security Administration’s website.

This exception means that Israelis living abroad can stay financially stable without worrying about losing their benefits. Navigating the complexities of immigration regulations can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s smart to get help from experts at our law office.

Legal Assistance: Navigating Complex Processes Made Easy

Navigating the complex process of applying for social security benefits as a non-US citizen is made easy with the right immigration law firm.s.

Immigration Law Firms: Your Ticket to Benefit Receipt

An experienced attorney can handle all the complicated paperwork, ensuring you get your benefits on time.

But wait, there’s more. These legal wizards also provide expert advice on maintaining eligibility for social security payments while living abroad. They know all the exceptions and requirements, so you don’t have to stress.

If you’re an Israeli citizen dreaming of uninterrupted American social security payments, it’s time to call in a US immigration attorney. An immigration lawyer can guarantee you receive the compensation that is rightfully yours, no matter where in the world you are situated.

Can you live in another country and collect Social Security?

Yes, US citizens can collect Social Security while living abroad, subject to certain rules.

What is the average Social Security check for a person living in the US?

The average monthly Social Security benefit was $1,543 as of January 2023.

How do I get the $16728 Social Security bonus?

$16,728 refers to a potential increase in annual benefits by delaying claiming until age 70. Learn more from this SSA guide on delayed retirement credits.

What is the Social Security 5-year rule?

The Social Security Administration’s five-year rule refers to a requirement that you must live in America for at least five years before collecting Social Security checks. This measure is used by the administration to ensure that only those who have contributed significantly to the system are able to benefit from it.

Impact on Retirees’ Incomes and Healthcare Costs

This rule can heavily impact retirees’ incomes, especially those offering traditional defined-benefit pension plans. The cost of living adjustments made by the Social Security Administration often do not match up with usual cost-of-living adjustment rates, leaving many financially insecure retirees struggling with healthcare costs.

Navigating Medicare and Medicaid Plans

In addition to Social Security, understanding your eligibility for other programs such as Medicare or Medicaid can be crucial during retirement years. A Medicare representative may assist you in applying for different parts of Medicare like Medicare Part D or a Medicare Savings Program. Low-income people might also qualify for Medicaid health plan benefits which could help offset some medical expenses.

Supplemental Programs: SSI and SNAP Benefits

Beyond healthcare, there are additional resources available through federal assistance programs. For example, if your income falls below an extremely low threshold, you may be eligible for payments under the Supplemental Security Income program (SSI). Additionally, depending on your situation, you might qualify for food assistance via the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

Making Use of Available Resources

If navigating these systems feels overwhelming or confusing, consider using tools like Benefits Check-Up, a free service provided by the National Council on Aging that helps Americans enter their retirement years confidently knowing they’ve accessed all possible sources of income support. Remember – being proactive about understanding what resources are available can make all the difference between living comfortably vs constantly worrying about finances during retirement.


In conclusion, if you want to live in America to collect social security, there are certain steps and requirements that need to be followed.

As an American citizen, you can access the Social Security website to apply for benefits and obtain a noncitizen number.

However, the rules for non-US citizens regarding social security collection vary based on their home country and continuous residence in the US.

Israel has exceptional status when it comes to receiving social security payments, but there are also other countries with similar exceptions.

Navigating through these complex processes may require legal assistance from immigration law firms who specialize in facilitating benefit receipt.

Comprehending the guidelines and policies related to receiving social security payments is essential for making prudent decisions concerning one’s retirement.

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