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Visa Denial to the US

At the Embassy today, many people receive denials for their visa applications. The most frustrating part is that the Embassy normally give a general reason for the denial without specifying what the person can do to successfully get a visa in the future.

Our office works with clients to narrow down the reason for the denial, handling the clients case and advising the chances of obtaining a visa within the various visa types, preparing the client thoroughly for their interview and obtaining information from various US authorities to clarify immigration history.

The actual reasons for denials can vary but normally fall into the following categories:

  1. Overstay in the US or working illegally under a B1/B2 visa
  2. Age – teenagers and people in their lower 20’s are more often denied
  3. Criminal background – even for very minor crimes
  4. Family ties in the US
  5. Incorrectly filling out the DS-160 form
  6. Lying at interview
  7. Plans to immigrate to the US
  8. Not having fixed employment


After clarifying what happened, our office will recommend how to move forward. We will come up with a strategy for the correct visa type as well as timing of the application.

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