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Green Card Application for your Parent


Although most of you are probably aware of the option to apply for a Green Card for your spouse or children, many don’t know that you can also make an application for your parent. A US citizen can make an application for their parents to come to the US and receive a Green Card \ US citizenship. This is especially beneficial when the parents want to pursue different employment options in the US. Some parents may want to go to the US in order to retire comfortably there close to their children and grandchildren.

You may be wondering about the process for the application and whether you are eligible. In this article, we will discuss some of the requirements to apply for a parent Green Card. Additionally, we will show you what you can expect from the process and how to prepare in advance.

Can my child apply for a Green Card for me?

If your child wants to apply for a Green Card for you, they must fulfill certain requirements. Firstly, they are only eligible if they live in the US. They are also need to be over the age of 21. If your child is still under 21, you will need to wait until their 21st birthday for them to file the application.

Another important thing to note is that your children must be a US citizen and be able to prove it. A Green Card holder or work visa holder cannot make an application for a Green Card for their parents.

What is the process to get a Green Card?

The process that you will do will depend on where you are located. If you are currently in the US, your US citizen child will file the Green Card application along with an adjustment of status application. This allows you to stay in the US while the Green Card application is pending.

Alternatively, if you are located outside of the United States, your US citizen child can apply for your parental Green Card while you stay outside of the US. At the end of the process, you will attend an interview where your Green Card application will be approved. You will then be issued with an immigrant visa in your passport. This allows you to enter the US as a Legal Permanent Resident and be reunited with your US citizen child.

How long does the process of issuing a parent Green Card take?

Generally between 1-2 years in total. The processing times depend on where the processing takes place. Certain USCIS centers process cases fast than others. Also their workload can vary so sometimes we will see cases going faster than expected.

If your application is from outside the US, another factor with processing times is the Embassy. Some Embassies will quickly invite you in for an interview while at others you may wait for months to just finish this last stage of your process.

Is there any age restrictions for the application?

The parent can be any age. There is no age that is too young or old for your US child to apply for a Green Card for you.

Of course, your US child is restricted by age for this application. They must be at least 21 in order to be eligible to file the application.

Can I apply for citizenship after getting my Green Card?

As a Green Card holder, you can move on to naturalize and become a US citizen. You will be eligible to make the application after 5 years of being a Green Card holder. Although the process to become a US citizen can be long, at the end you will attend a ceremony to be sworn in as a US citizen and finally end your US immigration journey.

Do you need help filing a Green Card application by a US citizen for their parent?

Our law firm can assist you with checking eligibility for a Green Card and then handle your full process. We file many Green Card applications and know how to correctly complete all the forms needed. Our office is also up to date on what documentation is needed for your application and what to expect for your interview.

If you are not eligible for a Green Card through your child, you may be eligible for a different process. Our US immigration experts can meet with you and go through the various visa options. In order to make your initial consultation, please contact our office on 03-372-4722.

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